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i used to work for pumppers trust and they had us selling a cleaner for 49.95 and 8 dollars tax and the 8 dollars was our commission. we had to room with 5-6 people with only 2 beds!

we had to work from 11:00am to 10:00pm without a break. we got a food break for 5 mins in the car and our lunch was gas station food.

the owner of the company Chic Marshall was very cheap and he was a millionaire off of us. when i wanted to go home they refused to pay for my ticket, so my family had to pay for my ticket.

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Sounds like my story back in 2001

to Anonymous #1343899

They have so many young people brainwashed. This is not a real job.


I know this is an older post so I hope some of you look back at this. I purchased this over a year ago and LOVE it.

This is really the ONLY cleaning stuff I ever need.

The bottle has now run out and I need more. What is their website??


yall negative mf are a trip . how can you talk about a business when your going door to door wit the product .

to make a long story short if you are the one complaining that means the company was taking care of you . if you was not making no money then that means that your slow a** couldnt sale . i worked for the pumppers for 8 yrs and ofcourse i did not like everybody but i worked for me and as far as mr.j goes he is a good person that is old and takes no s*** from the younger people that have no manners .

now viewers think to yourself ....who complains the most ? the person that does not do *** anyway so suck it up build a bridge and get over it !!!lmao!!!

to kristina #1343902

I was on of the top salesman. After I left I started working for national chemical company and they treated us like royalty we didnt stay in motels rooming with 4/5 ppl we rented condos with our room.

We even stayed in Hawaii where our condos was on the beach and we got payed way more. We got payed $30 per gallon and an extra $100 when u made your quota for the day. We didn't travel in vans when went to the next state we flew.

The owners even took the females shopping downtown LA in the fashion district. So if you think Pumppers trust treated you better then you really don't know your worth cause they are trash just like their product.


Well as i can say is i love all the managers and co workers...i miss all of yall...may we meet up i want be comin back but why i was there i had fun...thank yall for the yall and PUMP IT N MAKE THAT MONEY...

Stacyville, Maine, United States #308361

welli worked for pumppers trust for 3 weeks and i loved it...i got along with everybody though i aint care for them all wayne was my trainer love him to death and pickett that was my lil boo didnt care for the smoothie theft (ciara) that much but delt with her because that was my room mate kayla you was aiite with me except when you and my sister got into it i thought i had to beat sum *** but you cool with me toni your perverted *** smh and mr b and mr johnson i swear i love yall to death aint care for mr marshall if you ask me i think he kinda fruity pharris i miss you too hun my ernest boo not old ernest but new ernest i miss you too wendy you lucky the team splitted up b i left i was plannin on murking your *** fake ***, smalls i miss you too kenya (cuzzo) u memeber that night you and jahaid lol...ervin and jamar the drunkies of the crew lol...and tyneisha your clown looking *** (fake) with all that white lipstick on who does that? alley girl you still there ohh angel with your fish smelling *** loud *** mouth and blu smh ntn to say bout you member that day you got me that sell luv ya for that...kraft smh pitiful if i left you out it means you were ntn to me ill be backk thoug pumppers so hataz get readii

Stacyville, Maine, United States #308356

well i worked for pumppers trust for about 3 weeks i havent had any problems wayne shepard was my trainer i got along with everybody on the team but didnt care for the smoothie theft (ciara) pickett i loved working with him kayla she alright mr b nd mr johnson i love the *** out of them but mr marshall i aint care for him he's ah bit fruity if you ask me ms george she alright toni he's ah *** ms wendy she's fake as *** my pumppers lover ernest and not oldd ernest either with his perverted *** but new ernest miss you musch pharris oh yea my sister quita lil thang thang miss you lots too hun smalls miss you too oh drunkie ervin nd jamar lol...tyneisha oh fake monkey looking like ah clown with all that lipstick on lmfao...alley girl you still there lol...kenya lil miss jahaid lol....if i forgot you then obvious you wasnt *** but i have no complaints on pumppers i enjoyed myself and oh yea ill be back soon so hataz get readii oh yea and kraft haha aint forget bout you either go add ah pumpper on fbv



cheaper and good quality.


i gota admit mr b is a real *** and knows his *** he taught me some things the main thing is coming out of denial with yourself i could say a whole lot bout the company yea apart of me miss the company but *** just aint organized right i aint talken bout nobody particular it just how i view things it wasnt easy wearing shirt and tie but anyway shout out to all the pumpers


if u didnt make money off this company is because u a *** *** individual....i scammed customers and da company ..and i got more cars than all of u dumb *** ...dont beleive me-then e-mail me and find out i'll send you pics when i get the time


yea that was a living nightmare working wit them folks. i got into it wit mr.

johnson, anisha, veto, tanna, everybody that was fake basically and wasnt making ***.

pickett i miss u. look me up on facebook tricepooh allen


yea that was a living nightmare working wit them folks. i got into it wit mr.

johnson, anisha, veto, tanna, everybody that was fake basically and wasnt making ***.

pickett i miss u. look me up on facebook tricepooh allen


I worked with the pummppers for 3 years. it's some good aspect and alot of bad yea we making them rich.

But with any job u going to always be making somebody rich. The legal terms so saysmy lawyer for this madness is human trafficking. Don't worry it's getting ready to be a stop to this it's in the proess. Thomas Marshall and Harvey Brown shall pay .

Yea Mr. Brown tries to protray this image like he's trying to help when in actuality he is the main person .it basically controls everything. Because he don't give a f about them agents because he talks about each one to each other behind there back. But u are going to pay for that night u pshd me and jacked me up and the times u treating me and the time Mr.

Johnson which is the smart dumb *** *** old man that was there before themall who always take the second seat. But when he's running the crew it's so much better. If he wqas the manager even tho we had our differences i think i would still be here. Because he is so real he don't try to scare us of front by pulling out stacks of money that we made and talk about i can buy me steak.(I betg u cant after we done sweated and been downgraded all da.

Remember Mr.

brown since u always trying to use the bible with your satanic ***. U shall reap exactly what u sowed


*** them people

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #72467

What is a monkey company? lol


pummpers trust is a total scam they are a renegade business and should be shut down... :(


Wtf do you expect from a monkey company?

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