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Worst time

I worked for the company back in 2005 I was arrested in Virginia Beach Virginia spent 1 week in jail.and if u did not sell and product u didn't eat that was the wrost time in my name is Paris grant.god bless whoever work for them
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I am about to do a film about my experience with them. Email me geecheeonenews@***.com.

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Media, Pennsylvania
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Pumppers Trust is a RIPOFF 20yrs later!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE

When I was in college in 1996!!!!!!!! I was ignorant enough to listen to the sales pitch and buy a bottle of the cleaning solution. I wrote a check and was told if I wasnt satisfied I could call the company and cancel the order for additional bottles. After trying the product and seeing it did not work I called the company to complain and cancel the order. Of course they refused to cancel the order so I called my bank and canceled my check it myself. I was reported to the credit bureaus and was harassed into paying additional monies for additional bottles of worthless cleaning solution. Now in April of 2016 I am receiving calls from a collection agency threatening me with the original check I wrote over 20 years ago. If that wasnt bad enough I already had my credit negatively affected AND paid these horrible people the money for the order after the initial incident 20 freaking years ago!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they are back trying to squeeze more money out of me. They probably own the collection agency thats calling me now!
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Pumppers Trust Work Experience Review

I worked for this company back in 2001, I'm from California my name is James Wade , great product *** wasn't perfect but I learned and I succeeded ,great time of my life anyone remover me hit me up on fb James earl Wade my trainer was Tim from St. Louis
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I think I know u smh Hit me up valency1985@***.com

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Belmont, California
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Prowlers seeking to devour you!

I worked for the company many years ago. I stayed with them for a little over a year. They want you to basically sell your soul for them. They put so much pressure on you and you never get to see your family. Ever. I was there during the era of cristina, Ms. Austin, her son and stacy....poor stacey kept getting knocked up by Ms. Austin's son! Elana, meeka, those old heads know exactly what Im talking about. I was a lost 19 yr old girl that was tired of being abused by the world around me. I looked up to Mr. Marshall, and his wife, Mr Brown and his wife.They make you drive their cars and dont nobody have a licence! I was a great sales person I has plenty of "high" days I was always a room captain or just paid for my own room. I was bringing it in. I liked it. That was until the day Mr. Brown took me out by myself and compromised me. I had sex with him. Point Blank I looked up to him and felt pushed. Being a prior victim dealing with males I felt trapped and did not want to create no problems...after all i was hundreds of miles away from my family. After it happened I blanked for 3 days. (previous pumpers know exactly what Im talking about) I could not bare to look at his wife or him again. Everything I had looked up to came crashing down. I felt that I could not go to Mr. Marshall after all "Harvey" was his prize.I didnt even ask for them to buy my ticket home. I just disappeared.
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Mr.Marshall is Tim still with the company? If so tell him to hit me up @ prettyredd06@***.com


Hi my name is Mario Elem and I worked there for sometime and I think it was when you was there I know all the names you said I know that same *** you talking about that's *** up his wife and her brother Chauncey worked there a *** name Tony a girl named big pretty this dude Kevin I know a lot of people that was there I was young myself people said I looked like Gary Coleman if you do know me look me up on Facebook Mario Elem add me incase I didn't say it I'm sorry that happened to you and if it's any consolation I know that feeling of missing your family there with them and my unk passed away when I was there in Tucson Arizona and I couldn't get back home but I said *** it and went home the first chance I got


I work there also


I worked there back 2001


Shay it was a pretty good experience over all. I was a top seller.


I loved the job


Wow... I worked for that company too and those names sound all too familiar.

I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through such a terrible experience.

Hey look me up if you don't mind talking. @ jiggydown360@***.com


I worked for them too for 2 mos i am so sorry u went thru this


I worked for them as well I had some good days and some bad dayz but over all it was fun ☺☺☺won't say anything bad about them because no one made me stay there I chose to sorry y'all had a bad experience there it ain't for everybody

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Columbia, South Carolina
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The hatian trice

ok i workd for the company while i was preganant. did i make money? A lil. I likes the crew except mr. Johnson. trust i dont want none of them niggas (Mr. Johnson). would i go back? *** no. that job aint for everybody. u got to have a good talk game. i was also spraying the cleaner in my mouth and my baby is healthy with no problems so fukk wat yall talkin. and fukk Mr. Johnson. i Loved bein aorund Mr. Bown, Mr. Marshall, and wendy they kept it real at all times. and of course the queen diva. every company got they own problems. its like that wit any job so get over it. the company has older people but it also troubled young adults because i was one of them. it kept me out of trouble for three months. i left because of personal issues.
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I feel the same Mr.B and Ms Austin was my fav Mr Marshall i adore. My names Darlene B baby n just like in the real world everthing ain't 4 everyone but it was 4 me


Wow. Just wow.

Good luck finding another job. With the level of intelligence you're sporting, i recommend you try for a grant to get some education. What a complete bastardization of the English language. Do us all a favor and keep your mouth closed.

By the way, Who let you on the interwebs?? :cry

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Winston Salem, North Carolina

Pumppers trust total scam wow beware!!!!!!!!!!

A saleslady named Wendy approached my home asking if my daugthers name was Maddison? As I couldnt locate my daughter that was supposed to be riding her bike. Turns out my daughter had came in and was in my bathroom as I approached my front door. Wendy (saleswoman asked me if I had ever tried these cleaning products she was selling. I said no. She began complimenting how I looked so young, loved my hair, etc..She was quite charming. She then began spraying this cleaning solution in a blue bottle on my sidewalk to show me how great it was. She got my attention. She told me it cleans anything and was totally natural and opens her mouth and sprayed it into her mouth (Clever). She then asked if I had a shoe as I was standing with my door open. I allowed her in for the shoe thing but she started spaying this product all over varies household stuff..Such as tile,windows, carpet and so on. I asked her to explain to me a little about the company. She then told me that it was a charity to help troubled teans with a second chance at life. They had been around over 25 years..(Yet a LIE) She was very convincing. Even standing in my kitchen as Im getting my purse asking if she could have a grape in a dish I had on the counter. I guess that was another way to distract me who knows. At this point Im wondering if she is just good at her job or is she scamming me. I gave her the money for the product which was 54.95+ handling and tax as she stated for a total of 62.00 cash. Now she has my money and hands me a pick bottle of solution where the one she was using was blue. I became concerned. I asked her why it was pink and not blue like hers. She said its just a differant scent (STRAWBERRY) Where before she told me they were all natural and no scent (Yet another LIE ) She mixed the solution for me and I tried it on the floor and didnt see much differance but by this time I think I already knew I was scammed. I just wanted her to leave as it was getting uncomfortable. As soon as she left I lloked her company up online and I was shocked..My story to a "T" with many others. There was even an assult charge on one of their salesman who was arrested for assulting her in one of these Scams they were running. I was furious!!! I called the number on the receipts early houses the next morning to see if the company even existed. It was lie 3am as I couldnt even sleep after reading all I had read. Nikki answered the phone to my surprise.803-481-****. I told her what I felt had happened to me and she simply hung up on me. I called 2 additional times the following morning to speak with her supervisor if there is such a person. She told me he would find this comical and it wasnt her problem that my salesperson had lied about where proceeds go etc..It was on her pretty much wow!! I demanded a call from a supervisor. I recieved a call from a Thomas Marshall 803-316-**** claiming he was the supervisor and returning my call. He said he was eating lunch so make it quick. I expressed my concerns and told him he should be ashamed of himself for what he does. He tells me Im crazy, mental, and a klans-man..This company needs to be shut down..On the receipt it says you have 3 days to cancel but of course there is no fax number to submit anything and the other numbers they give for the company are cell phones. I've never seen anything like this before ever..Please help me stop these crooks from striking again.. I called Nikki again acting like I was just a random customer and said can I please have your fax number she gave me 803-481-****. i dont have a car so I have to wait til tomorrow to see if that to was a lie in order to submit my complaint for my refund. i do believe it's all LIES!!!Thank you
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The Traveling Door to Door Salespersons is OVER, has been for over 40 years now! Young salespeople, Research on the Internet for places to work. Find Work at Home Jobs on the Internet to do, they are out there, do your research. The Bosses in the Company listed on this Webpage review are Con-Men and Women, IMO, that Took or will take advantage of you.

You see, nothing in life is Free! It is Expensive to Pay Living Expenses on an Income of less than $30k a year or less than $2,500 per month $625 per week. Stay Home, work from home until you can afford to live on your own for 3, 6, 12 months before you leave home on your own. Don't trust Roommates to come thru with half the living expenses, it almost never pans out,(everyone has baggage $$$ to pay before they will pay you their share).

MORE ADVICE FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART: Don't Trust anyone you don't know or that you've just met! Everyone has an Angle and will use their leverage against you to get what they want. Or, possibly Hurt you if you are not on their side or just in their way, so be Very Careful. Thousands of Young people from the age of 15-35 (especially women) are Lost, Killed or never found again, Every Year!

Don't be one of those People who gets Lost! Safety First, then follow the advice above! Most anyone, even You, can Succeed in Life if you Work Hard and want it bad enough. Stay away from Alcohol and Drugs (including Cigarettes).

Whether you reach your Ultimate Goal in Life or Not most important. It's OK to fall short or fail now and then, as long as you have a Goal in Life! Remember, Life is a Journey and you Only get One Life to Live. What you make of your Life is what matters!

Stay out of Trouble or run away from trouble while you can. Trouble will Not follow you if you don't let it! Remember, Only You alone, charge or otherwise alter your Path in Life!

Good Luck and God Bless! (Messages of Life and Encouragement from

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Tampa, Florida
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Pumppers Trust Inc. SCAMMERS

I returned the product by their return policy and have the mailing order paper work to show as proof. They still have not refunded my money back to me. they said 10 to 15 days and it's been WELL over that period. I have filed a complaint with the BBB but still have to wait until the 31st to see if there has been a response to the claim. Their product DOES NOT WORK and is so expensive for a cleaner. Their salespeople are pushy and their customer service is rude. Do not EVER buy anything from this company.
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Yorktown, Virginia
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Anger makes u say anything-Larry Pickett

Well I put a comment on here a while back about Mr.B jacking me up. Well i deserve it because after leaving the company I see that everything Mr.B was telling was right. Mr. B treated me like a son so that why he would ge so upset with me.That's because he really know the potential that I have and was wasting it.i luv u Mr.Brown and for all yall ex pumppers yall know yall really miss it. No business is perfect. Besides if u wsant some changed why not try to change instead of complaining that's one thing i did learn and that's all u see when u get home is a bunchy ofg whinning and complaining peep. I done seen my family after about 2 years now I think i can go another 2 years I miss my other family the pumppers. I'm coming back Kayla,Seirra and Monica and Wayne i miss yall so much you dont realize who ur real folks r until u leave them.
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Pumppers trust is wack

i only worked for them for just a week in florida and i hated it there isnt any money to be made at this job and its true they do work u like slaves and the job is like your in boot camp certain time you have to go to sleep so if miss berry or mr marshall calls so tell them you will pass oh and tell them leon edwards told you so. The only people that are cool are the employees but dont get me wrong sum of them are *** holes and have to be put in their place sum times.
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Rock Hill, South Carolina
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Pumpers Trust has got to be the sleeziest company I have ever seen.

Guy named Wesley shoes up at my door, immediately licking the internal pump stick to show it was an organic product. Without permission, began spraying items in my garage ( garage door was open since I had a repair man there) to show the products effective cleaning power. Every other word was flirtacious in nature. Guy looked like he could use a shower and should try putting on clean clothes too. Took a long time to get this guy to leave. Called Association and reported him as we are a no solicitation community. Would never buy a product from anyone so disrespectful!
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Norfolk, Virginia
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i used to work for pumppers trust and they had us selling a cleaner for 49.95 and 8 dollars tax and the 8 dollars was our commission. we had to room with 5-6 people with only 2 beds! we had to work from 11:00am to 10:00pm without a break. we got a food break for 5 mins in the car and our lunch was gas station food. the owner of the company Chic Marshall was very cheap and he was a millionaire off of us. when i wanted to go home they refused to pay for my ticket, so my family had to pay for my ticket.
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Sounds like my story back in 2001


They have so many young people brainwashed. This is not a real job.


I know this is an older post so I hope some of you look back at this. I purchased this over a year ago and LOVE it.

This is really the ONLY cleaning stuff I ever need.

The bottle has now run out and I need more. What is their website??


yall negative mf are a trip . how can you talk about a business when your going door to door wit the product .

to make a long story short if you are the one complaining that means the company was taking care of you . if you was not making no money then that means that your slow *** couldnt sale . i worked for the pumppers for 8 yrs and ofcourse i did not like everybody but i worked for me and as far as mr.j goes he is a good person that is old and takes no *** from the younger people that have no manners .

now viewers think to yourself ....who complains the most ? the person that does not do *** anyway so suck it up build a bridge and get over it !!!lmao!!!


I was on of the top salesman. After I left I started working for national chemical company and they treated us like royalty we didnt stay in motels rooming with 4/5 ppl we rented condos with our room.

We even stayed in Hawaii where our condos was on the beach and we got payed way more. We got payed $30 per gallon and an extra $100 when u made your quota for the day. We didn't travel in vans when went to the next state we flew.

The owners even took the females shopping downtown LA in the fashion district. So if you think Pumppers trust treated you better then you really don't know your worth cause they are trash just like their product.


Well as i can say is i love all the managers and co workers...i miss all of yall...may we meet up i want be comin back but why i was there i had fun...thank yall for the yall and PUMP IT N MAKE THAT MONEY...


welli worked for pumppers trust for 3 weeks and i loved it...i got along with everybody though i aint care for them all wayne was my trainer love him to death and pickett that was my lil boo didnt care for the smoothie theft (ciara) that much but delt with her because that was my room mate kayla you was aiite with me except when you and my sister got into it i thought i had to beat sum *** but you cool with me toni your perverted *** smh and mr b and mr johnson i swear i love yall to death aint care for mr marshall if you ask me i think he kinda fruity pharris i miss you too hun my ernest boo not old ernest but new ernest i miss you too wendy you lucky the team splitted up b i left i was plannin on murking your *** fake ***, smalls i miss you too kenya (cuzzo) u memeber that night you and jahaid lol...ervin and jamar the drunkies of the crew lol...and tyneisha your clown looking *** (fake) with all that white lipstick on who does that? alley girl you still there ohh angel with your fish smelling *** loud *** mouth and blu smh ntn to say bout you member that day you got me that sell luv ya for that...kraft smh pitiful if i left you out it means you were ntn to me ill be backk thoug pumppers so hataz get readii


Too funny she did love that white lip stick


well i worked for pumppers trust for about 3 weeks i havent had any problems wayne shepard was my trainer i got along with everybody on the team but didnt care for the smoothie theft (ciara) pickett i loved working with him kayla she alright mr b nd mr johnson i love the *** out of them but mr marshall i aint care for him he's ah bit fruity if you ask me ms george she alright toni he's ah *** ms wendy she's fake as *** my pumppers lover ernest and not oldd ernest either with his perverted *** but new ernest miss you musch pharris oh yea my sister quita lil thang thang miss you lots too hun smalls miss you too oh drunkie ervin nd jamar lol...tyneisha oh fake monkey looking like ah clown with all that lipstick on lmfao...alley girl you still there lol...kenya lil miss jahaid lol....if i forgot you then obvious you wasnt *** but i have no complaints on pumppers i enjoyed myself and oh yea ill be back soon so hataz get readii oh yea and kraft haha aint forget bout you either go add ah pumpper on fbv ashleelowery96@***.com



cheaper and good quality.

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Santa Ana, California

Pumpers trust

A pumpers trust door to door person by the name of margaret received a check from me for one bottle of liquid product. the price was 48.95 yet the receipt read 219.95 . I canceled the check which had been changed from the original amount. I contacted ms. gregg with a registered letter and returned the bottle but never received an answer from her or received the post office returned receipt. Several months later I receive a letter from national check recovery program asking for 57.00 plus a 30.00 fee or else they are going to report to the credit bureau. I am at the point of going to a lawyer and filing a counter suit. It is strange that just a few days ago another pumper trust door knocker tried to *** me again and after turning him away i receive this collection letter.
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This company ain't ***. I worked there for a little while.

For future advice don't work for this company. Mr Brown ain't *** his big fat *** girlfriend ain't ***.

Miss paid if that's what you call her. If she was getting money she should have a real hair do instead of a old dry as quick weave LOL JUST DON'T WORK FOR THEM PEOPLE THEY DON'T CARE BOUGHT NOBODY BUT THEY SELF BURGER KING PAY MORE THAN THEY DO


I worked for pumppers Trust around the year of 1999 I think that sounds about right. I like the traveling end of this but as far as selling door to door I would never want to do that again.

My worse experience was getting a shot gun pulled on me by someone that was obviously racist. Then after I told the guy driving the van he said I still had to work that day like nothing had ever happened. We always were packed down in rooms with not enough beds to sleep on, and had to get up extra early for work but were always working until 10 pm walking around knocking on doors smh. Basically from 8 am until 10 pm hitting doors all day.

Then if you don't make any sales you don't make any money, so you'll basically starve and won't have the things you need if you don't make money every single day. U did work with some good people or at least they seemed that way back then. There was a short guy by the name of James, Cherry, Yolanda, Nick, and Cedric. Those people made that experience with the company awesome.

I had so many good days because if them. The company it self isn't that great but some of the people are. Oh yea I almost forgot there was this one guy that trained me when I first got there they took me under His wing and tried Hus best to teach me all that he knew. He was on the chunky side and always smacking on some such a sweetheart.

Anyway if any of you read this email me. ellemonettef@***.com

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Charleston, South Carolina
New Reviewer

Pumppers trust ripped me of my employment and hurt any people

Pumppers Trust you know what you are doing to people. Taking their money and lying to them and your people. You treated your people like they were slaves and animals.Now i am going to make a difference and shut you down. All you do is bring people in from different...
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I worked for the a***holes to. all they do is brain wash you, tell u they care for you more than yo family.

you don't make no money u don't eat.

I use to sell stuff out the bottle and fill up with water. they should of never should me that I never starved.

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Charleston, South Carolina

E-commerce Talks

Art for Your Home Not Museums

Mar 7, 2022

Art at home can add a special touch to interior design. In this video interview with Leonid Afremov Studio, we talk about art and the world-known artist, Leonid Afremov. Learn more about the unique technique that makes his paintings so special and how the studio is still in business.

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New Reviewer

I might get my money back from them

I cancelled the sales contract before 3 business days were over. I faxed the letter to the number on the receipt, and I mailed it the very same day to their address. After 10 days, I called, and they said that they didn't have a record of my cancellation, and they would send me my money back when I sent the product back to them. Sorry, that's breach of contract, and when I said this, and that I was going to report her company, she laughed and said "whatever." So, I thought - it's on now! I filed complaints with my Attorney Generals office, as well as SC's Consumer Protection division. It's been two weeks now, and I got a call from Olivia at Pumppers Trust, telling me that I could pick up my refund at any Western Union office at my convenience. We'll see...
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Mr marshall y'all straight y'all have a lot of hatters myexspreine was cool but hey people gone be people what it do mr.b. Yo bro still got that fancy house in Richmond heights...


They post my payments late all the time .They even get the Mail lock box in chicago and another illinois town the ability to loose my prioriorty letter which have reached them in three days and did not.Also they have file 3 foreclosure agaisnt me and have not reversed them from and have not taken those fees off my loan making my loan inpossibable to refince today I have only 2 years left on their worthless mortage loan modification they did.The home prices for my homes like mine in colorado have dropped from 190,000 to 50,000Where are the supposed legal realtors in this state.I heard the Mormon back aprraisers in colorado are trying to make it more impossible as well do not mess with them or buy anything from them. Or their realtors either.Look bottom line put the home loan backto the last original price my home was listed at and or give my money for that interest they kept as well and my payment should be only $300. to $400.00 per month.My gosh my loan on my home was only $64,000.00 before they ran their scams on me in 2005 and my loan is over $145,000 and was as high high as $152,000 or so when they first added all the foreclosure charges back on to the house.


theyre just a bunch of onion-chewing thieves


I experienced the very same set of circumstances. I cancelled within the three days and notified them by mail.

I have also emailed them but have not had a response. I has now been three months since the cancellation.

What chance do I stand of ever getting any of my money back? They charged me $1400 dollars to resolve a $3000 dollar dispute with the IRS :)


I need to lodge a complaint against Taxmasters of Houston Texas. They took 5500.00 from me to do my 80 yr old mother\'s back taxes.

Nothing was done in a timely fashion, so the state and IRS froze her money and took it. She is a pensioner with dementia, and now cannot pay her rent or any bills. All tax preparations were incorrect, and the last person who worked on her case was Andrea Asudame who walked off the job, taking mothers papers with her.

After calling her every day for a response.....and I mean EVERYDAY, I got o response from her at all.Now I am forced to hire another firm to redo ev erything. I wish I had investigated further before I hired this sorry excuse for a company.I am seeking my money returned, as well as all the papers of my mothers that they have.


Yes, I did get my money back from this sham of a company. It also inspired me to get a "No Soliciting" sign for my door, assuming they can read it.


I am currently trying to get my money back from TaxMasters for 5 months!


is this Ultimate vacation

for I am waiting for return after deal did not go thru.

and when I try to call they sometimes answer and just put me on hold then hangs up..or I get answering machine.


i also worked for pumppers trust and its a good fast pace company. it's not fit for everyone and only the strong survive.

think about it you get to travel and have fun knowing you couldn't do that sitting on the porch in your home town. i love it and i hope the company keeps going strong as they always have



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