A saleslady named Wendy approached my home asking if my daugthers name was Maddison? As I couldnt locate my daughter that was supposed to be riding her bike.

Turns out my daughter had came in and was in my bathroom as I approached my front door. Wendy (saleswoman asked me if I had ever tried these cleaning products she was selling. I said no. She began complimenting how I looked so young, loved my hair, etc..She was quite charming.

She then began spraying this cleaning solution in a blue bottle on my sidewalk to show me how great it was. She got my attention. She told me it cleans anything and was totally natural and opens her mouth and sprayed it into her mouth (Clever). She then asked if I had a shoe as I was standing with my door open.

I allowed her in for the shoe thing but she started spaying this product all over varies household stuff..Such as tile,windows, carpet and so on. I asked her to explain to me a little about the company. She then told me that it was a charity to help troubled teans with a second chance at life. They had been around over 25 years..(Yet a LIE) She was very convincing.

Even standing in my kitchen as Im getting my purse asking if she could have a grape in a dish I had on the counter. I guess that was another way to distract me who knows. At this point Im wondering if she is just good at her job or is she scamming me. I gave her the money for the product which was 54.95+ handling and tax as she stated for a total of 62.00 cash.

Now she has my money and hands me a pick bottle of solution where the one she was using was blue. I became concerned. I asked her why it was pink and not blue like hers. She said its just a differant scent (STRAWBERRY) Where before she told me they were all natural and no scent (Yet another LIE ) She mixed the solution for me and I tried it on the floor and didnt see much differance but by this time I think I already knew I was scammed.

I just wanted her to leave as it was getting uncomfortable. As soon as she left I lloked her company up online and I was shocked..My story to a "T" with many others. There was even an assult charge on one of their salesman who was arrested for assulting her in one of these Scams they were running. I was furious!!!

I called the number on the receipts early houses the next morning to see if the company even existed. It was lie 3am as I couldnt even sleep after reading all I had read. Nikki answered the phone to my surprise.803-481-3190. I told her what I felt had happened to me and she simply hung up on me.

I called 2 additional times the following morning to speak with her supervisor if there is such a person. She told me he would find this comical and it wasnt her problem that my salesperson had lied about where proceeds go etc..It was on her pretty much wow!! I demanded a call from a supervisor. I recieved a call from a Thomas Marshall 803-316-5536 claiming he was the supervisor and returning my call.

He said he was eating lunch so make it quick. I expressed my concerns and told him he should be ashamed of himself for what he does. He tells me Im crazy, mental, and a klans-man..This company needs to be shut down..On the receipt it says you have 3 days to cancel but of course there is no fax number to submit anything and the other numbers they give for the company are cell phones. I've never seen anything like this before ever..Please help me stop these crooks from striking again..

I called Nikki again acting like I was just a random customer and said can I please have your fax number she gave me 803-481-9738.

i dont have a car so I have to wait til tomorrow to see if that to was a lie in order to submit my complaint for my refund. i do believe it's all LIES!!!Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Pumppers Trust Cleaning Solution.

Monetary Loss: $62.

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