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A pumpers trust door to door person by the name of margaret received a check from me for one bottle of liquid product. the price was 48.95 yet the receipt read 219.95 .

I canceled the check which had been changed

from the original amount. I contacted ms. gregg with a registered letter and returned the bottle but never received an answer from her or received the post office

returned receipt. Several months later I receive a letter from national check recovery program asking for 57.00 plus a 30.00 fee or else they are going to report to the credit bureau.

I am at the point of going to a lawyer and filing a counter suit.

It is strange that just a few days ago another pumper trust door knocker tried to *** me again and after turning him away i receive this collection letter.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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This company ain't ***. I worked there for a little while.

For future advice don't work for this company. Mr Brown ain't *** his big fat *** girlfriend ain't ***.

Miss paid if that's what you call her. If she was getting money she should have a real hair do instead of a old dry as quick weave LOL JUST DON'T WORK FOR THEM PEOPLE THEY DON'T CARE BOUGHT NOBODY BUT THEY SELF BURGER KING PAY MORE THAN THEY DO

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