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I cancelled the sales contract before 3 business days were over. I faxed the letter to the number on the receipt, and I mailed it the very same day to their address.

After 10 days, I called, and they said that they didn't have a record of my cancellation, and they would send me my money back when I sent the product back to them. Sorry, that's breach of contract, and when I said this, and that I was going to report her company, she laughed and said "whatever."

So, I thought - it's on now! I filed complaints with my Attorney Generals office, as well as SC's Consumer Protection division.

It's been two weeks now, and I got a call from Olivia at Pumppers Trust, telling me that I could pick up my refund at any Western Union office at my convenience.

We'll see...

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Mr marshall y'all straight y'all have a lot of hatters myexspreine was cool but hey people gone be people what it do mr.b. Yo bro still got that fancy house in Richmond heights...


They post my payments late all the time .They even get the Mail lock box in chicago and another illinois town the ability to loose my prioriorty letter which have reached them in three days and did not.Also they have file 3 foreclosure agaisnt me and have not reversed them from and have not taken those fees off my loan making my loan inpossibable to refince today I have only 2 years left on their worthless mortage loan modification they did.The home prices for my homes like mine in colorado have dropped from 190,000 to 50,000Where are the supposed legal realtors in this state.I heard the Mormon back aprraisers in colorado are trying to make it more impossible as well do not mess with them or buy anything from them. Or their realtors either.Look bottom line put the home loan backto the last original price my home was listed at and or give my money for that interest they kept as well and my payment should be only $300. to $400.00 per month.My gosh my loan on my home was only $64,000.00 before they ran their scams on me in 2005 and my loan is over $145,000 and was as high high as $152,000 or so when they first added all the foreclosure charges back on to the house.


theyre just a bunch of onion-chewing thieves


I experienced the very same set of circumstances. I cancelled within the three days and notified them by mail.

I have also emailed them but have not had a response. I has now been three months since the cancellation.

What chance do I stand of ever getting any of my money back? They charged me $1400 dollars to resolve a $3000 dollar dispute with the IRS :)


I need to lodge a complaint against Taxmasters of Houston Texas. They took 5500.00 from me to do my 80 yr old mother\'s back taxes.

Nothing was done in a timely fashion, so the state and IRS froze her money and took it. She is a pensioner with dementia, and now cannot pay her rent or any bills. All tax preparations were incorrect, and the last person who worked on her case was Andrea Asudame who walked off the job, taking mothers papers with her.

After calling her every day for a response.....and I mean EVERYDAY, I got o response from her at all.Now I am forced to hire another firm to redo ev erything. I wish I had investigated further before I hired this sorry excuse for a company.I am seeking my money returned, as well as all the papers of my mothers that they have.


Yes, I did get my money back from this sham of a company. It also inspired me to get a "No Soliciting" sign for my door, assuming they can read it.


I am currently trying to get my money back from TaxMasters for 5 months!


is this Ultimate vacation

for I am waiting for return after deal did not go thru.

and when I try to call they sometimes answer and just put me on hold then hangs up..or I get answering machine.


i also worked for pumppers trust and its a good fast pace company. it's not fit for everyone and only the strong survive.

think about it you get to travel and have fun knowing you couldn't do that sitting on the porch in your home town. i love it and i hope the company keeps going strong as they always have




i also used to be a pumpper i think it is a great program they tought me a lot an i would like to say thanks my faith patience an confidence is stronger what up mr B

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #15148

Did you get your money back?

Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel #487

Wow, am I glad I did not buy the product! I was pestered by a pushy black female salesperson who kept insisting I needed it for cleaning my house (even though Merry Maids comes every other week to do my housecleaning).

Then she said I need it to clean my car (even though the dealership I got my new car from gives me free car washes whenever I want them). Then she said I needed it to clean my carpets after my dogs. (I pointed out to her that they are all about to be replaced with tile, which the cleaning people will clean.) She was not about to take no for an answer. She even tried the pity plea ("keep me employed and off the streets," etc.).

I told her that there were lots of easier ways to make money at other part-time jobs and that as a reference librarian (and former teacher), I could give her lists of agencies specifically set up to help youth find employment. When I rebutted all the reasons she gave for why I needed it, she then told me it would even clean my front porch. I told her I was not in the habit of cleaning my concrete porch, but she ignored that comment and proceeded to scrub in an "M" motion on my porch with the cleaner. This left an obvious, much lighter, approximately 18 inch by 12 inch "M" marking on my porch.

Yes, the cleaner removed whatever grime had built up over the years on that part of my porch, but now I have this unwanted "M spot." However, judging from other reports I have read, I guess I am lucky my encounter with this person left me with only a bad mark on my porch and not on my excellent credit record. Needless to say, I finally lost all patience with her and angrily asked her to leave my premises after I saw what she had done.

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